The Benefits of Using Skrill in Online Casinos

The online payment company Skrill – which originated in London on the 17th of June 2001 – started out as an e-commerce payment gateway, but has expanded its services to such an extent that today you can send money all over the world. A wonderful development, which is why Skrill cannot be missed on the list of the most popular payment methods nowadays. Especially in the online gambling world people are very enthusiastic about using Skrill. But why? And what are the benefits of using Skrill in online casinos? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at these questions, so we can draw the conclusion whether using Skrill is worthwhile or not.

Reasons Why You Should Use Skrill

In this paragraph, we look at all the benefits that Skrill has to offer when used as a payment method in online casinos:

1. Privacy

If you care about personal privacy, Skrill is the right payment method for you! But why? Well firstly because Skrill ensures that your personal data is not stored in databases when making transactions. Secondly, there is also an anonymity feature when making transactions.

2. Safety

We can also guarantee that Skrill is completely safe. The company – which originally started out as Moneybookers – is actually fully authorised and regulated. In addition, Paysafe (the company that owns Skrill) has up to 20 different offices around the world, all committed to secure money transfers.

The regulators that Skrill is fully authorised and regulated by include the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK and the US Departent of Treasure’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN).

3. Operating in 200 Different Countries + 40 Currencies

One of the other benefits of using Skrill in online casinos is that this payment method is sufficient for many different people. For example, Skrill operates in around 200 different countries around the world. Furthermore, it is also possible to make transactions with 40 different currencies. Therefore, you can be sure that you will probably be able to use Skrill at your favourite online casino.

4. Profiting from Casino Bonuses

Another additional benefit of using Skrill as a payment method at online casinos is that you are regularly entitled to certain bonuses. The amount of these bonuses depends on, for example, the quantity of your deposit and the type of casino you play at.Skrill logo

5. High Speed of Withdrawals & Deposits

What really makes Skrill stand out from some other payment methods is the speed of withdrawals and deposits. In most cases when you make a withdrawal or deposit, you can expect it to be in your account almost immediately. This is ideal if you are in a hurry, want to make quick transactions, or want to start playing online casino games as soon as possible.

6. User-Friendly Customer Support

Do you have a question? Is something unclear? Or do you have another comment or consideration? Skrill customer support is always there for you! The customer support team at Skrill offers 24/7 support, either by phone or email. In most cases, you will receive an answer to your question the same day.

7. Skrill Card

Finally, you also have the opportunity to apply for a so-called Skrill Card. With this card you make it possible for yourself to pay at millions of locations around the world, online or in shops. This card is linked to your personal Skrill account, but only works when you have money in your account. It also allows you to withdraw money from up to 1.9 million different ATMs worldwide. Once you have applied for the card, it can be delivered to your home within a few days.

However, there are some conditions to be able to use this card:

1. The card is only available to people who are residents of an authorised country of the European Economic Area;
2. Your account must be verified before you can apply for the card.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Skrill

There are not many downsides when using Skrill. However, we have found a few small things that might make you decide not to use Skrill, but rather another payment method.

1. Cannot Be Used Everywhere In The World

It may not be a huge drawback, but if you need a payment method that is truly accessible anywhere in the world, Skrill may not be the right choice. However, at most well-known sites Skrill is usually always included in the selection of payment methods. It’s up to you to make this decision.

2. Possibly Small Transaction Fees

You may (but not always) incur small transaction fees when making deposits and withdrawals via Skrill. If you do incur a transaction fee, it is not as low as compared to credit and debit cards, but it is considerably lower than other e-wallets such as Neteller.


As you can see, Skrill’s benefits far outweigh its drawbacks. All in all, we can say about this that Skrill is a perfect payment method to use in online casinos and is therefore definitely worthwhile. It’s fast, reliable, secure, accessible in many places, you get occasional bonuses and you can even use your own private ‘Skrill Card’. Sounds good, doesn’t it?