Gambling Addiction in Ireland: A Big Problem?

Online gambling has been a popular activity of many Irish people for a long time. Nowadays, but also in the past. The history of (online) gambling in Ireland and its developments have been very important for its evolution as we know it today. Furthermore, various studies confirm that online gambling is becoming increasingly popular among Irish people. As a result of this popularity, several studies have also concluded that gambling addiction will (logically) start to increase.

This is not a surprise! Naturally, Irish people are crazy about gambling and sports betting, and I wouldn’t blame them either. What’s better nowadays about being able to gamble online on your own computer.

In this blog, we zoom in on this research to answer the question: gambling addiction in Ireland: a big problem?

Structure Of The Research

A research of gambling addiction in Ireland was conducted through in-depth interviews with 22 professional gamblers. The focus of these interviews was on the social consequences people experienced as a result of their gambling addiction. All Irish people were welcome to take part in this research. No distinction was made as to age, gender, location, or personal situation. Remarkably, 86% of the gamblers participating in the survey were male. According to the interviews conducted, 4 types of gambling emerged:

– Social gambling;
– Trouble gambling;
– Compulsive gambling;
– Professional gambling.

When You’re Addicted to Gambling?

Approximately between 28,000 and 40,000 Irish people experience problems with gambling in Ireland. However, these are just the gamblers under the category of trouble gambling, not including the other categories. But when is someone really addicted?

According to the research carried out, a person is addicted to gambling when it adversely affects their own lives – but also the lives of others – because of the large amount of time lost in gambling. You often see that financial, psychological and/or social problems arise.

Despite the problems, gambling addicts often see that they have poor control over their gambling behavior. The urge to continue gambling is simply too strong. This also makes the gambler emotionally and socially dependent on playing online casino games, for example.
Of course, this does not mean that if you play a game, you are immediately addicted. Definitely not! But if you notice that it’s not just an innocent game and your thoughts and actions are only focused on gambling, gambling, and more gambling, then of course it starts to become a problem.

However, it always remains your own choice.

Stats of Gambling Addiction in Ireland

From the various studies that have been carried out, it can be concluded that there are remarkable statistics on gambling addiction in Ireland and the popularity of gambling among Irish residents.

– 12% of Irish adults place a weekly bet at a bookmaker;
– Approximately 7% of gamblers are at risk of developing a gambling problem;
– 1% of all Irish gamblers have a real problem addiction;
– 30 to 35% of the total revenue in the gambling industry comes from gamblers who are addicted;
– Young people are more likely to be affected by an addiction than adults, and are generally 2 to 3 times more likely to have gambling problems;
– 77% of total revenue in the gambling industry comes from online casinos;
– All Irish gamblers are gambling around €5 billion a year, which is around €10,000(!) per minute.


All in all, we can say: ‘Yes, gambling addiction is a problem’. Because of the high popularity for (online) casinos, addictions are lurking. The trick, therefore, is not to let it get this far. The only ones that benefit from gambling addicts are the casinos.

Nevertheless, gambling is always a lot of fun, and it’s okay! Be disciplined and only play a few games a day, for example. This way you make sure you can’t be caught by the ‘addiction virus’. You can’t do this? Then I advise you to pull the plug. Of course, it’s always your own choice, but think carefully about the possible consequences.